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We Are Here To Make Everyday A Personal Best, Inside And Out.

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What does day-to-day look like at Bear Mountain CrossFit?

Unlike the traditional gym setting, a coach is present to both teach and observe during EVERY class. Coaches review all movements whether you’re a first-timer or a long-time CrossFit veteran. This review ensures movements are performed properly to limit errors in form and avoid injuries. In-class coaches also aid in scaling any movement to accommodate your fitness level. Workouts, warm-ups, and strength conditioning plans are posted daily to this website for your convenience.

We’re excited about partnering to create a tailor-made fitness experience that works for you – contact us today!




No Sweat Intro

Schedule a complimentary consultation at time convenient for you.

This will give you a chance to see our gym, meet our coaches, and get a general feel for WOF. This is your time to ask questions about CrossFit, types of workout/movements we do, services offered, and/or anything else you’d like to know. Typically these meetings are less than 30 minutes and are one on one with our friendly and knowledgeable coaches.

If you left your No Sweat Intro feeling motivated and excited than its time for step two.




New Athlete Program

New Athlete Program is required for all members who are planning to attend our CrossFit/WOD classes. Our program consists of 3-5 private one on one sessions with a coach. During your sessions you will learn the basics of CrossFit fundamental movements and proper lifting techniques.

We require the New Athlete Program to ensure you know the basics of lifting techniques, establish your lifting ability, physical baseline, avoid injuries, and work out effectively.

After you decided which type of classes you want, and are ready for membership move on to step three.

CLICK TO Sign up for our New Athlete Package to learn the basics.

A 101 Intro to all our movements!





You can sign up for membership by speaking to any one of our coaches. Not at the Gym, no problem.

Call us at 908-463-0272 or email admin@bearmountaincrossfit.com, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Can’t wait for you to join our community and get fit together.

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