• August 2019 Committed Club

  • There is no better distinction at Bear Mountain CrossFit than to be recognized into the COMMITTED CLUB “CC”.

    To be accepted into the August 2019 Committed Club you must have trained at least 15 times during the month and checked in on the laptop.

    Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness gains. Here are the folks who did so last month.

    Congratulations to the August 2019 Committed Club!!! #SquadStrong

    Adam Mirabal 26
    Alex Elliot 26
    Amy Diaz 16
    Ava Biemer 16
    Bri Buonagurio 17
    Brittany Doino 19
    Chris McCarthy 15
    Denise Napolitano 21
    Emily Kasper 18
    Erin Cullen 18
    Gina Rosenbaum 17
    Ian Abayon 19
    Javier Cruz 17
    Jenilsa Lopez 24
    John Doino 25
    Katelyn Young 23
    Lauren Baccale 20
    Lauren Lopano 16
    Leanna Manwaring 21
    Luzia Cordeiro 21
    Matthew Galotti 18
    Michael Hess 17
    Michelle Berman 16
    Mike LePere 20
    Nick Talarico 15
    Sarah McCay 15
    Steven Paullay 21
    Teresa Gristina 17
    Terri Noll 20
    Traci Salvato 18


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